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Client Roster

Dallas County Community College District
Nissi Construction Group
Home Depot Asian Festival, Citibank Asian Festival, and Metro PCS Asian Festival
Texas A&M University—Commerce
Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau
Southwest Clinical and Forensics
Crow Collection of Asian Art
Nur Ali Motorsports
Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Risi Optique
Continuity Health
Born To Roll
Philippine Community Center, Inc.
Sentinel Imaging Group
Trinity River Authority
Avon, Inc.
Asian American Insurance Professional Association
Youth Empowerment Seminar
A to Z Wholesale and A to Z Wine and Spirits   
Korean American Professional Network
Stone Wheat Bakery
Timarron Estates
Kelson and Kelson Custom Invitations                  
Calvary Cathedral International
Hopping Green and Sams Attorney
My Exec Buddy and My Job Buddy 

Work + Clients

Texas A&M University—Commerce

Texas A&M University­—Commerce Music Department wanted a look that would appeal to high school students. We designed a series of marketing materials with multiple touch point that was well received. Various posters, trade show back drop and multiple ads were placed in a well-known industry publication with the new look and feel.

Project: Brand, Creative, Design, Brochure, Handouts, Advertisement in publication, Backdrop for trade show


Crow Collection of Asian ArtCrow Collection of Asian Art

The Crow Collection of Asian Art came to The Oh Group for a research of the massive growth and expansion of the Asian landscape/ population and define the influencers in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex.

Project: Asian Demographic Landscape Research

Lone Star 401(k) ConsultantsLone Star 401(k) Consultants

We love our repeat clients! The founder/president of Lone Star 401(k) Consultants came to us 4 years ago to re-brand them and set them apart from their competition. And that’s exactly what we did. After implementing our marketing strategy, she signed on a leading insurance/financial giant as a client and many other companies. 

Project: Branding, Website Architecture, UX, Custom Website Design, Custom Development on Content Management System, Design, Custom Brochures, Print Management and Printing


Southwest Clinical and Forensics

The partners at Southwest Clinical and Forensic was looking to re-brand their company. After the branding session, our roadmap strategy was clear. A new logo design using a color psychology palette, clean and easy-to-navigate custom website design, custom website development on a content management system and professional photo shoot was what they needed for market positioning. 

The results, all the physicians and professional counselors were very pleased with the new branding and how easy it is to use the custom Content Management System website we built for them.   

Project: Branding, Logo Creation, Creative, Website Architecture, UX, Custom Website Design, Custom Website Development on Content Management System, Responsive Design (Laptop, Mobile, Ipad) and Art Directed Photo Shoot on location


VisitDallas (Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau)

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau has realized the rapid growth of the Asians in the United States and especially in Texas. They came to The Oh Group for an Asian Study in order to gain a deeper knowledge of their domestic and international travel behavior and the spending potential of Asian consumers. This study showcased the massive economic growth and impact by the Asians.

We are thrilled The Oh Group was named Asian Agency of Record for them.

Project: Comprehensive Asian Research: Population, Travel Interest/Spending, and Social Media Strategy and Postings


Risi Optique

Looking for eyewear so you can start the trend? Ever wonder what and where the movie stars and musicians get their specs? Risi Optique carries unusual eyewear that is usually hard to find. Some of their eyewear can take up to three months to create, since they are custom-made.

Risi Optique was looking for an user-friendly, clean website where they could frequently upload current images of movie and rock stars and as well as their latest eyewear trends.

Project: Branding, Creative, Website Architecture, UX, Custom Website Design, Custom Development and Copy Writing


Nur Ali Motor Sports

Nur Ali is the first Asian American stock car driver in NASCAR as well as other racing venues. Nur came to us for some marketing assistance to find more sponsorship. The solution was a deep branding session that helped him define his vision and goals. With the information gathered, a marketing strategy was created giving him a stronger platform to showcase his long career as a racecar driver. After completing Nur’s marketing strategy and implementation our tactics, he is racing with a new car and team with some notable sponsors for a full racing season.

Project: Branding, Market Repositioning, Strategy, Creative, UX, Website Architecture, Custom Website Design, Custom Development on a Content Management System, Responsive Design, Art Directed Photo Shoot at Texas Motor Speedway and in Studio


Born To Roll

Born To Roll’s president wanted to test the market with his authentic Vietnamese recipes passes down for many generations. The recipe may be traditional but his personal brand was all about self-expression and uniqueness with his tattoos. His egg rolls were a big hit a festival and we are looking forward to his food truck!

Project: Branding, Logo Creation, Creative, Website Architecture, UX, Custom Website Design, Custom Website Design and Development on Content Management System


A to Z Wholesale

A-Z Wholesale is one of the largest independent, full-service, convenience store distributors in Texas. Since 1987, A-Z Wholesale has consistently provided convenience store operators with reputable service by providing packaged consumer goods throughout North Texas. A to Z came to us to design and develop their brand, custom landing page, 8,000 quarterly direct mail, flyers, and social media strategy.

Project: Branding, Design and Develop Custom Landing Page, Design Quarterly Flyer Template and Social Media Strategy




Philippine Community Center, Inc.

From toddlers to seniors, pageantry is ingrained in the Philippine culture. The Philippine Community Center is a non-profit organization that used pageantry to raise money by sellingadvertisement this year. They came to The Oh Group and asked us to create their brand and needed our professional design service. 

Project: Event Logo, Program Design and Print Management



Sertech is an international company that assists credit unions in getting their customers loans. They were looking to update their logo and also wanted a custom website design. The Oh Group gave them an updated logo with bolder colors and a clear representation of the company’s brand. This new look was incorporated into the website which is now inviting and user-friendly.

Project: Branding, Custom Website Designand Logo Refresh


Continuity Health

Continuity Health is committed keeping patients and physicians up-to-date with their health status using their software and hardware. Continuity Health was looking for a marketing piece that would not only set them apart from their competitors but also assure their product was easy to understand and use. 

We delivered a clean design and a custom folder that allowed Continuity Health to add more inserts as they offer additional services and products in the near future.

Project: Custom Folder Design, Design and Print Management


Asian American Insurance Professional Association

The Asian American Insurance and Financial Professionals Association is a national non-profit organization with six chapters across the United States.

The Dallas chapter president came to us and wanted an entire overhaul for the annual weekend event. The project reflected a new brand standard that was echoed into multiple marketing materials from a commemorative program book to variable data event tickets to posters for the event.

Project: Branding, Design, Event Logo, Program Book, Program Insert, Poster, Variable Data Ticket, Print Management and Printing


2016 Home Depot Asian Festival

2013-2014 Citibank Asian Festival

2012 Metro PCS Asian Festival

For over 25 years, the Annual Asian Festival attracts thousands of visitors from all over the metroplex. The festival represents over 20 Asian ethnicities and showcases each culture by live entertainment and authentic food from local vendors. With a long-standing history, we felt that it could use a boost with a completely new marketing strategy with maximum exposure. A well-received re-branding, logo, custom website, website development and printed materials was created for the successful annual festival.

Project: Branding, Creative, Design, Event Logo, Custom Website Design, Custom Development on Content Management System, Flyer, Poster, Direct Mailing, Print Management and Printing


Empowering Women Publication

Branded, designed and launched the premier national publication with premium placement at bookstores such as Barnes and Nobel and Books-A-Million. An initial order of 100,000 copies was orded/reorded by featured company.

Project: Brand, Creative, Design, Managed/ Art Directed Photo Shoot: Location scout, Set design, Wardrobe and Print Management




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